We believe that over 90% of all contracts sold by energy brokers are mis-sold and the average claim is currently £14,392.

We will help you to:

  • Claim compensation for the mis-selling
  • Legally have your contracts ended
  • Reduce the contracted rates
Or a combination of the above

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If your business or charity has ever used an energy broker to arrange gas, electricity or water contracts then it’s time you knew the truth about how common it is to have been mis-sold to, that it secretly costs you more and how you are due compensation.

Third party Intermediaries (TPI’s), otherwise known as energy brokers or consultants have been operating for over 15 years but most clients don't realise that they are  unregulated and that mis-selling is rife.

Most people think that when they appoint an energy broker they will be getting impartial advice and access to prices they can't get themselves and that is certainly what the broker would like you to believe. Whilst there is no doubt that a fully transparent energy broker can help you achieve the goal of accessing cheap prices, the vast majority are only in it for themselves and seek to scam customers into poorly priced contracts for their own financial gain.

There is often little regard for the clients' financial situation, their business needs and the increased costs they will often suffer as a result of the mis-selling.

It is the brokers legal duty to disclose the source of commissions and the amount they will earn, but most brokers will avoid the issue of commissions all together if they can, and some will misrepresent themselves altogether by saying that the service is free or the supplier pays for the service or something similar. However, the truth is that if you didn't pay a bill for the brokers services then your broker has included their commissions into your  contracted rates meaning that for every pound paid to the supplier, the broker is collecting a percentage of it as their commission (anything from 15% upwards in our experience).

Just like the banks allowed PPI mis-selling to get out of control, many energy suppliers encourage brokers to breach their fiduciary duties and are complicit in the mis-selling of these contracts. Suppliers help brokers to conceal commissions and will often turn a blind eye when their mis-selling is revealed. None of the contract paperwork will show broker commissions included into contracted rates, and nor do bills show commissions paid to brokers.

Showing utter contempt for their customers, when asked by customers to reveal commissions included in contracted rates, most suppliers will pass you back to the very people who mis-sold you the contract in the first place rather than disclose and show their own part in this scandal.

Our offer to you is that we will review your contracts  without obligation or charge and should you choose to press ahead with a claim we and our panel solicitors will operate on a "no-win, no-fee" basis to obtain a resolution.

There is no limit on how many years we can go back to review contracts and obtain compensation but we will require your assistance to gather documents etc. If you no longer have copies of documents we will help you to obtain them where possible.


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