A new report conducted for OFGEM (published 11/11/2022) and compiled by "IFF Research" shows that 84% of businesses consulted who had previously used an energy broker's services thought that they weren't  charged by the broker for their services showing the true scale of mis-selling by energy brokers.
1,000 non-domestic consumers were surveyed, and the report indicates that the vast majority (840) of these businesses did not understand that broker's include their commissions in the contracted prices.                                      

The trial of the business energy supplier BES Utilities directors commences this week, accused of de-frauding creditors, retention of criminal property and false representation. The 4 directors involved all deny the allegations against them.


TPI Claims recovers £28,957 water rebate for Sasra Ltd. Working in collaboration with one of strategic partners to identify overcharges, the claim took 3 months from the start of the process to payout, and will make a huge difference to the company. 


Tranmere Rovers have launched a legal battle against its energy brokers (One Energy), claiming the club has been overcharged by around £90,000 over a three year period. Although the contract ended early due to breaches, the club believes that broker has been unjustly enriched by a total of £131,132 and is seeking repayment of the emounts plus interest.