About us

Our business is a collaboration of ex-energy brokers, claims managers and legal experts working together to use our industry expertise to help businesses and charities to educate, identify mis-selling and obtain redress for clients that have been mis-sold commercial energy contracts.

We are an extremely vocal voice in the energy industry lobbying for change, challenging brokers to do better and providing free advice where possible to help clients avoid the same pitfalls next time around.

With over 15 years of experience of the energy market we are able to easily identify mis-sold contracts, detect hidden commissions, spot misrepresentations, and prove fraud and negligence in claims.

Coupled up with our legal experts we are a devastating force for brokers to deal with, and our success rates are high as a result.

You can rely on our team to work tirelessly to bring about a positive result on your claim.

On what basis are claims taken?

As in the insurance and mortgage world, an energy broker is acting as your "Agent" when procuring contracts for you which means that they should be upfront about how they are paid, the amount they will be paid, and they should not put their own interests above those of their client. In most cases we are able to prove that this was not the case, and so we utilise existing laws to bring claims against the broker and obtain redress.

Whilst most claims will follow this route, some claims may include elements of mis-representation, negligence or even fraud.

Although these laws are not new laws, they have rarely been applied to energy brokers in the past as the average layman or lawyer would not know what evidence to look for to bring a claim against brokers. A solicitor alone would not know how much the mis-selling has cost a client, how negligent they had been in their recommendations and advice, or what misrepresentations the broker had made. Understanding the legal agruments and energy market specifics allows us to bring strong claims against TPI's, and we are extremely confident in our ability to obtain a successful outcome.

Claims are brought against the broker company who sold you the contracts as they owe you the fiduciary duty to be fully transparent but in some cases we will look to join the supplier to the claim if they assist the broker to keep the commissions a secret and assist the broker to breach their duties to you the client. 


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